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Whiteklay Technologies, one of the leaders in Big data analytics and services market in the country, today announced a major round of R&D investment with focus on problem solving and business decision making sciences. According to experts, a good predictive scoring strategy can help a company boost its bottom-line revenues by prioritizing its sales efforts, messaging and strategy. Whiteklay’s AI based data streaming platform Izac aims to enable enterprises to visualize predictive data patterns in real-time, which can help enterprises take faster decisions for prospective business.
Speaking at an event Amit Kumar Parija, President, Whiteklay Technologies said, “The value of decision sciences will struggle when analytics are done on poor-quality data. Hence, it's a good practice for businesses to analyze their own internal data stores on parameters of quality, precision and usefulness. This must be done keeping in mind how the data can be correlated with the who (customer), what (product) and how (strategy) of a sales process.”
Whiteklay will soon be launching the next version of their platform Izac which, according to their spokesperson, would evolve the way in which businesses interact with data. The launch will be showcased in the international industry event called DATEX-2018, scheduled to take place in September this year in Mumbai for the first time, after successful runs in South East Asia and the Middle East. According to a survey conducted by Whiteklay during DATEX-2017 on the impact of AI on customer management, it was found that 86% of the respondents were implementing or considering implementing predictive analysis as part of their sales analysis. Out of all the enterprise AI adopters surveyed by them, 83% reported that they used or plan to use sales and marketing predictive lead scoring.

“The key to right business insights is the way in which you process data. Data and analytics, continues to be one of the most significant areas of growth and investment for many enterprises. We are happy with the progress that we have made in solving Big Data problems and look forward to collaborating with Whiteklay, and use their experience and expertise in order to make our enterprise more efficient and profitable”, said Mr Chowdhury, Data Management Head, Vimpelcom.
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Whiteklay is a select and niche provider of data analytical services established in 2013 in Pune, India and with strong presence in Asia Pacific, Europe and Middle East. The company focuses on intelligent data modeling & warehousing which has led to them investing heavy on Big Data Consulting, Management, Implementation, Analytics and Training with a portfolio which boasts of strong engineering capabilities. For more info, visit:
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