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Nehmat Mongia's work in progress
Nehmat Mongia's work in progress

Someone said that even drawing outside the lines is an art. It may break discipline but will create a new art form. No wonder that the legendary Pablo Picasso said: 'Every child is an artist. The problem is to remain an artist once they grow up.'

Inspired by these lines, artist Nehmat Mongia has created a genre of art works that are truly unique. Curated by Ms. Shobha Broota, the art works will be displayed as ‘Open Block, a flow of imagination’ at the Convention Center Foyer, The India Habitat Center, New Delhi from 27th to 30th April 2018.
As the 21-year old artist who is a third-year student of College of Arts, Delhi says, “The most powerful way of my expression is through Forms of Art. For me it is as spontaneous as my imagination. The beautiful ensemble of nature created by the CREATOR is the provider for the inspiration of my artworks.”
“Often, hearing my grandparents talk about how they would sleep under a sky full of stars or dance around in the rain without being worried about toxins pouring onto the Earth fascinated me.”
She spent her schooling years discussing and working for many programmes related to issues of Global Warming, Planting Trees, spreading concepts of Re-Cycling/ Re-Use/ Reduce, Cleaning of The Yamuna, Saving The Tiger and Banning of Use of Plastic.
The far beyond concepts of ‘Conservation’ and ‘Preservation’ have been close to her heart and she has always wanted to take care of our planet and do her constructive bit.”
Through her canvas, she still endeavors to create the simple small pleasures of life and that “we all may have missed out on” being the children of this millennium.
“A search to find new forms within the matter of living or nonliving, which may have existed or may be striving to exist even today, kindled the curiosity within me, leading to this ensemble.”

The Creator’s Ensemble (Size - 16.4ft x 5ft) uses Pen, Pencil on Canvas. This work of Art is an amalgamation of Realism, Observation and Imagination. Moving left to right. Follows an academic study of ‘Animals’ running towards a ‘Forest’ their home and natural habitat, which has been created on the basis of observation with underlining realism. While on the other side of the forest are the ‘Robotic Figures’ of my imagination representing the creations of mankind themselves charging towards the forest, in turn, causing large scale upheaval known to be as ‘Kalyug”.
In addition, there are about 100 artworks - 8 inches by 8 inches each.

Aiming to become a full time artist and contribute to the art world, Nehmat says she loves to explore variety of mediums to innovate unique techniques to express herself. 
Travelling has also been providing powerful inspirations for her works. “After my graduation, I plan to study further and complete my Master’s degree in Fine Arts - still playing with the idea of studying in a different country to be able to add to what I have built on in India.” 

Later at some point in life I would like to teach and share my experiences with students. Provide them with a unique environment for their creative minds to blossom.

“Curation has been my passion and I extremely enjoy the whole experience during the exhibitions that I have had the good fortune to be involved with. I spend a lot of time with My Guru (My Teacher / Mentor / Guide) Ms. Shobha Broota and cannot thank her enough for all that she has provided me with.”

As a young child, Nehmat says she could sit in a room for hours alone and keep creating her world of colours on one paper after the other. “No toy other than a box full of crayons would calm me down immediately when I would be upset. Since then my mother has been my guiding star, I feel deeply indebted to her for the myriad ways in which she has nurtured the flower of creativity within me and helped it to bloom.”

As a teenager, Nehmat developed a close passion for the sport of Air Pistol shooting which not only helped her focus her mind and in turn channelize her inner creativity but also win medals at national levels.  

Since 2009, Nehmat has taken part in several art exhibitions including solo shows, and even displayed her works in France and Germany.
Her many achievements include working as an Art Director, Assistant Director of Photography & Illustrations on making of the Film “A Tribute to Vande Mataram.” 
Source: Bang on Target PR & Media Solutions