GURUGRAM, India, May 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The current situation of partial lockdown at workplaces, resulting from COVID-19 spread, warrants an increasing thrust on health and wellness by developers and occupiers. In the latest report 'In pursuit of Health & Wellness', Colliers International urges both developers and occupiers to formulate back to work strategy and SOP protocols focusing on employee wellness. The report highlights the need to align an employee with business priorities to maximise the impact of health and wellness and simultaneously outlines a number of key strategies and recommendations.

"Developers must adopt a dual approach incorporating building design to facilitate wellness in buildings and designing a wellness culture for the well-being of tenants. An efficient facilities management system enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT) should gain prominence, using sensor technologies for predictive maintenance. Also, occupiers should consider aspects like retrofitting workplaces, such as repurposing large meeting rooms into seating plans, overhauling reception areas," says Arnab Ghosh, National Director, Fitout at Colliers International.

Megha Maan, Senior Associate Director, Colliers International India, added, "In the current COVID-19 pandemic led environment, it is essential for developers to formulate a back to work framework, with preparedness and business continuity as key aspects. We believe that communication with tenants is as an important factor that can enhance tenant confidence. Occupiers focusing on wellness can not only protect their employees but also improve productivity and bottom lines. Occupiers need to take a multi-pronged approach, for the immediate term for aspects that can be moved instantly in the workplace, and the long-term to ensure business continuity and to create an employee-friendly environment."

Developers to focus on wellness

In view of the pandemic, Colliers International recommends developers to study real-time data on space usage in buildings' common areas, to understand which areas are dense at specific time periods and identify options to repurpose the space. For developers, wellbeing ought to be a critical factor to attract and retain high-quality tenants. Developers can utilize wellness features in the design of future high-performance buildings (HPB). As social distancing becomes the new normal, Colliers International suggests some key immediate and short term measures, including design change and embracing efficient facilities management system enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT) that is expected to gain prominence, using sensor technologies for predictive maintenance. Landlords should adopt new building technologies for HPBs, not only in design but also at each stage of the project using technologies such as virtual realty (VR), augmented realty (AR) and drones for building tours, and the IoT and online platforms for management.

Occupiers need a multi-pronged approach to wellness

As re-occupancy starts to take place after lockdown is lifted, Colliers suggests occupiers take a multi-pronged approach, quickly implementing aspects that can be done instantly, while in the long-term ensuring business continuity and creating an employee-friendly environment. The report further highlights six step approach for workplace preparedness and elaborates the need for monitoring density in offices and de-densifying by increasing space per employee. Retrofitting workplaces such as repurposing large meeting rooms into employee seating and overhauling reception areas or increased usage of automation, contactless, voice-based technology will be rampant.

As offices start becoming operational again, Colliers International offers several tools including the Back-to-Work Navigator, a 48-hour turnaround analysis that drives recommendations around Design, Technology, Navigation, Communication & behaviour and Hygiene and cleaning.

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