BANGALORE, May 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Capillary Technologies and INCREFF entered into a strategic partnership, combining Capillary's expertise in omnichannel commerce technology with INCREFF's best-in-class inventory fulfillment, warehouse management and merchandising capabilities.

With e-commerce emerging as the preferred way of shopping for consumers in the post COVID-19 world, retailers need to accelerate the adoption of technology enabling them to sell across multiple digital channels, while also ensuring that their physical stores operate efficiently and remain profitable. The traditional boundaries between offline and online business need to blur, enabling stores to offset reduced walk-ins by taking their collection online to their customers and with brands being able to fulfil orders placed on their website or marketplaces from a store nearest to the customer in addition to a centralized warehouse, thereby improving operational and economic efficiency.  

The Capillary-INCREFF partnership will enable retailers to create a unified omnichannel experience, allowing them to capture demand across all consumer channels including stores, brand websites, social channels and online marketplaces and fulfill the same via their warehouses, and more importantly from their retail stores.

"We observed that 85% of shoppers did not return to stores in the initial weeks after the lockdown in Wuhan was lifted, and sales were still 40% down YOY, even after a month. We continue to see a similar behavior in India as well as the Middle East as the lockdown restrictions are getting relaxed. This spurred us to look for ways to help our customers overcome the challenging times ahead," said Aneesh Reddy, Co-Founder and CEO of Capillary Technologies. "The partnership with INCREFF is a result of this pursuit. With this collaboration we will now help retailers optimize their inventory across retail stores and help them recover sales even with reduced footfalls."        

"The Capillary-INCREFF partnership is a powerful combination. INCREFF's ability to create a unified view of inventory across all consumer channels, distributed network of managed warehouses and intelligent merchandising platform acts as a strong compliment to Capillary's omnichannel commerce platform," said Rajul Jain, CEO INCREFF. "This extends our expertise in helping retailers optimize the costs of inventory management and warehousing with the ability to fulfil from stores and boost sales across all consumer channels."

By combining the strengths of both platforms, this partnership represents a tectonic shift in the way both Capillary and INCREFF can address the changes in the retail consumer landscape.

About Capillary Technologies:

Capillary's technology solutions help businesses get ahead of the digital evolution and stay 'Always Consumer Ready'. Over 400 marquee brands across 30+ countries, including Pizza Hut, Kontoor Brands, Walmart, Al-Futtaim, KFC, Asics, Madura Garments, Courts and Samsung, trust Capillary to enable easy and seamless consumer experiences. With over 300 million consumers and 35,000 stores on the platform, Capillary is Asia's leading SaaS product company. Over 800 Capillary associates across 11 global offices are continually innovating to find new ways for brands to make their consumers' lives easier, and experiences memorable.

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INCREFF helps brands optimize inventory and improve sales velocity by 2 to 3x via ASSURE and IRIS platforms. Founded by IITians and backed by Binny Bansal + Sequoia + 021 Capital, Increff serves the likes of Arvind, Future, Reliance, Landmark, Puma, Tablez, Myntra, Mango, Blackberry's, Celio, Wrogn among others.

ASSURE is arguably the world's simplest and most accurate warehouse management system along with fastest inventory and order syncing, which enables brands to sell every single piece of inventory across all online and offline sales channels simultaneously.

IRIS is an end to end merchandising platform helping merchandisers take  pre-season and in season decisions like what, when  and how much to buy and where to showcase inventory via 100+ customizable patent pending algorithms designed specifically for fashion and lifestyle business.

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Source: Capillary Technologies and INCREFF