CHENNAI, June 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --

India-based digital marketing/software development agency, Untitled Interactive has been awarded a five year contract to develop Machine Learning systems to study and predict disease behaviour in patients suffering from diabetes, cancer and heart ailments.

The pitch which went on for more than a year, had the start-up company developing multiple prototypes to enable machine learning with the highest predictability rate among the competition. The contract is a major milestone for the company with its solutions being deployed on a wide scale. 

"Untitled Interactive has always upheld the belief that technology is to be utilised for a much greater purpose. With this contract, Untitled is on the map for bigger challenges to steer humanity towards a better promising future. The ML systems will be the first of their kind to enable disease prediction before it even shows up on the physical body. Our teams have been closely associated with medical researchers to understand the progression of diseases and how patterns can be identified to ensure timely alerts to the patients years ahead, stopping regression," said Mr Arjun Krishnan, Director at Untitled Interactive.

About Untitled Interactive 

Based in Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai, Untitled Interactive is an award winning digital advertising and software development start-up servicing major FMCG brands in India & the USA. The agency's software development division is responsible for the creation and implementation of several projects in the automation and pharmaceutical sector. The company's diversification into digital advertising and development has allowed cutting-edge technology development in the field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence systems. For more details visit

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