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Experts at Sparha Advanced Aesthetic Studio have been offering breast augmentation or enhancement that is carefully tailored for each of their patients. Under the guidance of experts, Sparha, founded by Arti Singh, is offering most effective and best-guarded ways to conduct breast enhancement.

Arti Singh, Founder and Managing Director of Sparha, feels that breasts are an essential part of femininity. She said, "However we deny, but it is one of the biggest truths that breast has become an integral symbol of femininity and women with small breast often feel embarrassed and frustrated. Breast not only undermines a fundamental part of the woman's body but also plays a substantial role in your appearance and confidence."

At Sparha, there are two types of techniques adopted for breast enhancement that are breast implant or fat grafting. However, Arti suggests that fat grafting gives more organic results. She said, "While enhancement can also be undertaken by fat grafting which delivers more organic results without any radical surgery." Sharing a case study, she said, "One of the patients, a 23 years old girl who was looking to be in a relationship, but, was apprehensive due to her small breast. She was extremely self-conscious and low on confidence due to her appearance." The patient wanted an organic treatment without anyone knowing about it, so went for fat grafting. She further said, "Since she was unmarried and did not want anyone to know about her breast enhancement. So we adopted the fat grafting technique for breast augmentation. She was extremely happy with the result as this technique not only helped her in gaining breasts but also helped in contouring her body."

In fat grafting, tissues are removed from other parts of the body through liposuction, and then these tissues are processed and injected into the breasts area for enhancement. It helps in improving the contour, projection and volume of the breast.

Other technique offered at Sparha is breast implant which gives immediate results. A breast implant that is made up of silicone or saline is implanted under the breast tissue or the chest muscle. It is executed through a surgical procedure to produce enhanced breast. This surgical procedure takes three-and-a-half hour and gives immediate results. Arti said, "This is generally done on people who are thin and slim and does not have much fat in the body."

Normal recovery time for both the treatment is usually seven to ten days. The best of experts at Sparha not only helps such women in attaining the lost self-confidence but also in rebuilding the breast for other condition like breast cancer as well by using the implant or flaps they help these women regain a salient part of femininity.

"As a founder, I believe that breast occupies a principal role in the self-reliance of a woman. It does not only instill you with confidence to dress according to choice and fashion, but also helps in getting rid of the inferiority complex faced by women with smaller breast. At Sparha, I offer the best attune treatment for breast enhancement under the guidance of experts to allow each of my clients an enriching experience," added Arti Singh.

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