Time saved can be utilised in bringing 'Human Touch' back in recruiting

PUNE, India, Sept. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Recruitment has been a highly people-intensive role until now. IT industry employs thousands of recruiters who usually struggle to keep the numbers rolling for this workforce intensive sector for years now. SCIKEY has been working in automating this labor-intensive segment since long. The latest version of its Talent Commerce platform zooms past the slow-moving and human resources intensive process by freeing up recruiter's time by almost 90%. This efficiency allows them to contribute more efficiently in areas that help bring in a direct positive impact on the business as well as elevating the hiring experience for all.

"Recruitment across the industry starts with sharing a job description with a recruiter who then searches and sources resume from various databases or suppliers and finally calls each of those applicants to shortlist the candidates for the interview process. This process takes 4-7 days on an average while it may be a little less for junior and generic skills and much longer for senior folks & niche skills. SCIKEY automates this lengthy, effort-intensive & time-consuming process to accomplish a much better outcome in just 5 minutes, on its Talent Commerce Platform. SCIKEY uses its inbuilt resume database, AI algorithms, and Robotic Sourcing Engine to comprehend the requirement from the job description and source the fittest candidates in a jiffy. A simple click on a button triggers the Robotic Sourcing Engine to reach out to hundreds of potential candidates and receive their interest towards the job, within minutes." Says Shriram Viswanathan, Founder SCIKEY.

"80% of recruiter time is spent in doing repetitive and mundane tasks, also leading to frustration for recruiters. At the same time, the cost of hire is increasing while the efficiency and quality of hire are reducing. Companies are under pressure to attract the best talent, accelerate the hiring process while constantly trying to reduce their 'cost per hire'. The automation using SCIKEY Talent Commerce Platform not only reduces the time to recruit, brings out better quality with AI-powered skill & Mindset matching but also reduces the cost of hiring by an average of 62%. Most importantly, it helps improve the recruiters' efficiency tremendously by freeing up much productive time for them that they can utilize to invest in adding the 'Human touch' back in recruiting, making the whole process fun & a lot more meaningful for all parties involved." Says Karunjit Kumar Dhir, Co-founder SCIKEY. 

SCIKEY Talent Commerce Platform currently offers a subscription as well as an outcome-based model to make it easy for companies to use and experience the power of SCIKEY. It will be soon launching more offers that will benefit the companies and candidates alike.

SCIKEY is a new age talent solutions venture, which provides a comprehensive Talent Commerce Platform where human psychology and cutting-edge Technology meet to maximize the potential of talented minds most effectively. SCIKEY has been created to deliver extraordinary outcomes for various talent needs including employee experience management, employee learning & development and employee productivity enhancement through path-breaking MindMatch algorithm. SCIKEY's MindMatch algorithm is focused on disrupting and transforming the way hiring is done globally, using AI & Psychology, adding a completely new dimension of predicting if a certain human behaviour will fit a given job profile. SCIKEY's Global ecosystem owns several IPs in the field of Behaviour Analysis & Prediction. It comprises R&D centres in Europe & India, global R&D Partners, collaborations with global universities and a team of expert researchers & data scientists.


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Ritish Sethi
India Business Head
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Source: SRKay Consulting Group LLP