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Having built a strong foundation in South India, Bangalore-based Online Instruments India Pvt. Ltd. (OLI) is aggressively expanding not only across the country but globally as well. With nearly three decades of multi-faceted expertise and an extensive line of leading-edge new age products, sold under its brands, OrangePlus LED, Logic AV Accessories, and now, Mahabell Industries, this is a company of the future making its presence felt today.

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Financially strong and independent, Online Instruments is able to deploy a seamless distribution and integration network, ensuring that their customers experience nothing but total delight when dealing with OLI and its products. Since its inception, Online Instruments has incorporated a strong design thinking methodology into every single product, which is expertly executed by a young and energetic team - arguably Online Instruments' biggest asset.

Innovative 21st century brands like OrangePlus LED and Logic AV Accessories have stepped into the market and captured the imagination of audiences, enabling them to take their first steps towards building a brighter, better, seamlessly integrated and more sustainable future.

OrangePlus LED combines great design, aesthetics and full functionality. Clean, green and energy-efficient, this is a forward-thinking brand that serves the need of the hour. Their extensive range of LED lighting products have found utility across industry verticals, commercial and industrial spaces, offices, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, and more in India and internationally as well.

Logic AV Accessories' cutting-edge products are going a long way in designing workplaces of the future. Working environments are undergoing a definitive transformation in terms of look-and-feel, driven by next-generation technologies, innovations and ideas. Logic seeks to minimize clutter and maximize good design and a sense of spaciousness.

Online Instruments started in 1994 with just six people on board. Today, it is one of the fastest-growing companies that generates employment for over 350+ people across all its subsidiaries. Just to present an idea about the continued growth and scalability of Online Instruments, just five years ago, their turnover stood at less than 50 crores. Fast forward to today and by the end of the 2016-17 financial year, the company clocked in a turnover of more than 260 crores. Online Instruments' charismatic chairman, Shivanand Mahashetti, strongly believes that this is just an inkling of the company's true future potential. A forward-looking man with a grand vision, Shivanand Mahashetti believes that Online Instruments has just begun its ascent to the top.

The company and its dynamic leadership team have set themselves some bold targets for the future. Led by promoters, Shivanand Mahashetti and Mahesh Bellad, who have a combined industry experience of over four decades, Online Instruments has taken the initiative to ensure future-readiness by partnering with industry-leaders like Panasonic, Samsung, Polycom and CISCO to offer quality products that transform commercial spaces, offices, hotels, restaurants, and add value to businesses, both big and small. With offices in Dubai and Singapore, Online Instruments looks to make its mark on international markets through their globally-relevant products, solutions and services.

"As several businesses, cultural and educational institutions become interdisciplinary; they are seeking to move from rigid formal structured programs and spaces to those that are more dynamic, informal and open. Online Instruments provides products and services that can enable this transformation and help create a new generation of spaces that are flexible and accommodate a greater range of activities," states Mahesh Bellad.

With the consecration of Mahabell Industries in 2017, the latest venture of Online Instruments, the company will not only generate significant employment to many people, but will inject some much-needed innovation, quality and international-grade standardization in the manufacturing sector for LED lighting products. They will 'Make in India' for the world. With state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, full-fledged testing labs and stringent quality standards, Online Instruments through Mahabell Industries will give a fresh look to this niche landscape that spans across the globe.

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