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With more than 1 million active users in India and 6 million users globally, SWOO rolls out its biggest live video streaming game show for Indians, hosted by a celebrity

SWOO, a leading global livestreaming platform established in Middle East, today announced the launch of its SWOO TRIVIA SHOW - a celebrity-hosted live video streaming game show for Indians. SWOO is a user-friendly, engaging and feature-rich live broadcasting app available across Android/ iOS/ Web platforms, providing a space to users to experience anything happening across the world and showcase their talent via live videos.

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Launched about a year ago, SWOO has built a community of close to 6 million users globally and India accounts for about 30% of SWOO's total user base. Gaining popularity in tier 1 and 2 markets, SWOO aims to further tap into the huge potential of social media-savvy Indian users and empower them with a platform to unleash their talent and skills to equip them for a better tomorrow.

The SWOO Trivia Show is expected to be one of the biggest online live game shows in India, run by a celebrity host right in one's palms. Hosted at a specified pre-defined time with 10 multiple choice questions with 3 options, each testing the IQ level of the participants to answer each question in 10 seconds. Prize money worth thousands will be awarded to the winning participants, redeemable through money wallet apps like PayTM.

Commenting on the launch of SWOO Trivia Show, Divyesh Mahajan, CEO of SWOO, said: "India is one of the most exciting markets to be in. With a rise in smartphone ownership globally, India is expected to have the second highest smartphone users, 530 million, in 2018. Many young Indians are looking for avenues to showcase their talent and be heard. The proliferation of smartphones coupled with affordable data and the right platforms has empowered Indians like never before. We are extremely excited and overwhelmed to make inroads into the Indian market and foster the growth of this untapped talent. Our aim is to engage with influencers to establish connection with Indian population - be it students, young working professionals or mothers across different parts of the country and encourage them to use SWOO and participate in the SWOO Trivia Show to earn money."

The videos on SWOO are broadcasted by influencers, celebrities and experts - giving the audience a peek into the lives of their idols by motivating, inspiring, educating and entertaining them. The technology features of this platform enable broadcasters to create high-quality and interesting content, streamed to far-flung and remote audiences. User videos in Hindi, Urdu, English and Arabic are aggregated under multiple categories like entertainment, travel, technology, culture, sports, health, etc.

Watch or Broadcast live stories, events, chalk talks, reviews, milestones, episodes, pitches, songs, rants, speeches and praise on the SWOO App. Users can download SWOO App on Apple (iStore) and Android (Google Play Store) devices.

About SWOO 

SWOO is a livestreaming mobile platform that offers unique and high quality content to its viewers. SWOO broadcasters, both professional and aspiring, have been personally handpicked by the team to ensure enhanced app experience. Viewers can explore authentic and experiential content around technology, health, sports, travel, food, entertainment, lifestyle among others, on SWOO.

SWOO offers higher-quality live content, closer to the high production quality we see on TV. SWOO content categories are highly differentiated and cover everything demanded by today's millennials.

Essentially, SWOO houses content production experts from the media and TV industries.

SWOO provides its users with many interactive and exclusive features that allow them to engage in real-time with features like claps, live chat, and co-hosting where up to 4 broadcasters can go live at the same time and users can engage with all of them live. In addition to existing features, SWOO will launch also new features such as maps exploration, drone and external camera compatibility, gamification and monetization features.

2018 marks a peak in the attractiveness of SWOO among broadcasters and audiences, with the application's installs reaching 6 million. SWOO has been able to create engaged communities by providing rich live content.

SWOO is a locally built, globally-fit smart application and is now available in the 'App Store' and 'Google Play'.

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