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Indian author, first ever, to propose a single, universal, quantifiable definition and calculation of love with the unique 'TAB Theory of Love' 

Vijay Shankar Sharma is the first author in the world to propose a single, scientific and measurable definition of love for every kind of love and a simple mathematical formula for calculation of love in his new book 'What is Love?: Formula for all relationships'.

Launched on Amazon worldwide, Kindle, Flipkart and soon to be available in bookstores and other formats, Vijay Shankar Sharma's new book 'What is Love?: Formula for all relationships' offers an out-of-the-box insight into the subject of love and proposes the unique 'TAB Theory of Love'. TAB stands for Trouble and Blame. The theory promises a definitive calculation of love in every aspect of life, be it family, friends, pets, things, causes or unseen forces like God. Vijay's unique TAB theory can be applied to any relationship starting from mother-child love to the love between couples to love between a client and agency or product/company and customer, to even the love between a person and a non-living thing, cause or even a spirit.

The TAB theory is surprisingly simple and accurate. It uses three conditions: 1. Trouble, 2. Blame (including negative blame which amounts to thankfulness) and a parameter called, 3. 'Potential Physical Proximity or PPP'. To know if someone loves or hates another person or thing, only the first two conditions of Trouble and Blame are needed. However, to be able to calculate the intensity of love (or hate), the third condition of PPP needs to be considered. The theory provides the minimum and maximum values for each of the conditions and a benchmark for maximum values so that one can use the conditions objectively. If one wants to measure the love for someone or something, one needs to select a suitable value for each of the three conditions and just multiply all values to get the final love/hate score.

The book also contains all the existing knowledge on the subject of love till date. This allows the reader to compare the objectivity and correctness of the author's TAB theory with respect to all such knowledge. The book starts with the life story of a fictional character, Sita, and her quest for answers related to love. The author asks the reader to answer many love related questions from her life. Then at the end, the author himself guesses the answers the readers will give in their mind correctly, using his own TAB theory of love. It also proves that everyone is instinctively capable of knowing love when it is there. However, since no one has been able to define the exact conditions of love, no one really knows how to answer questions relating to love or to take actions to control one's love and hate emotions and therefore take control over one's life. That is, until now. Using the knowledge in the book, the reader can answer every question relating to love or hate and take action to enhance love and remove hate from one's life. It does not stop there, the theory has applications in virtually every field - be it business, leadership, negotiations, getting a job, etc. The author demonstrates how the theory can be effectively used in other fields.

In addition to his book, Vijay Sharma has also launched the 'What is Love? Love and Live' app, which can help readers take a real-time test of their love for almost any subject that they have in mind. They can check the 'perceived love' of others towards them and or exchange love score with others. The author says, "For a loving relationship to be maintained, it is important that the love score in the minds of both the subjects for each other are positive and roughly similar. If that is not the case, the love from the relationship will keep draining out and may even turn to hate in future." The free app is available on iOS and Android and works in English, Hindi and Spanish.

Speaking on the launch of his new book, Vijay S Sharma said, "I have done extensive research before and after proposing the theory. The feedback is truly amazing. Some people were shocked and became emotional once they realised the exact reason why their relationships failed. The TAB theory of love also helps people understand what is wrong/right with their love and why they love one person / thing and don't love another person / thing and how can they make someone love them using the TAB theory. People can use the TAB calculator and know what parameters affect the love they feel and what parameters can turn the love to hate or vice-versa."

"The book explains why people love some leaders? For example, why do an increasing number of people love the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi despite many troubles they have undertaken because of decisions taken by him? A special chapter called 'Demonetization and Love' in my book, uses the TAB theory to understand what exactly the exercise of demonetization did for Narendra Modi in terms of generating love or hate from the countrymen towards him. The TAB theory provides surprisingly counter-intuitive but correct answers. The book has many such interesting examples and applications in business, negotiations, getting jobs and virtually every human interaction and relationship. I have also proposed a new wedding vow that will ensure no hate ever seeps into a married relationship. The same modified vow will ensure you never hate anyone or anything and live a life full of more love," added Sharma.

This book has also been translated in Hindi, Kannada, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, French and German. These editions will soon be available.

Vijay has produced and directed a feature length Hindi film 'Andh - Let's Play Blind' based on his own English novel 'Let's Play Blind'. Both will be launched soon. This is a murder mystery and suspense thriller and the first of multi-part series.

Vijay has also written a book that contains a single rhyming poem with a sequel in English. The poem has over 20 chapters and tells a fantastic story with fictional characters. It gives a message that concerns every one of us. This book has been translated in nearly 60 languages so far. All of which will be published soon.

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About the Author 

Vijay Shankar Sharma is a creative thinker, with a focus on finding solution to the issues of mass interest. With a strong corporate background, Vijay is also an author, poet, actor and director. He is also a Chartered Accountant and MBA (ISB) and a SEBI registered research analyst. He works as an investment advisor and management consultant.

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