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With its exceptional range of mattress and pillows, Dormio is the perfect affordable luxury option for sleeping requirements for all age groups.

Dormio is an endeavour by THOMSEN, a highly acclaimed and acknowledged German brand, over 40 years old. The German brand wants to redefine sleep for the Indian market with Dormio by bringing the same high quality and design.

To provide premium-quality affordable mattresses and pillows maintaining the very high German standards, THOMSEN has launched Dormio in the Indian market. This, of course, includes using the very best in materials that are available. Dormio Mattress and pillows are made using Vita Talalay Latex, which is the most technically advanced foam to be introduced in the Indian market. It is the world's most breathable comfort foam with temperature and moisture regulating properties.

Keeping in mind the orthopaedic requirements of the Indian market, Dormio is looking to further expand in both the B2B and B2C segments. It is looking towards giving perfect comfort to people sleeping in hotels, hospitals, hostels, old age homes, etc. Dormio is looking for distributors at pan India level. There will be special corporate discounts on the collaboration with various industries.

The Dormio range consists of Latex mattress and Memory Foam mattress that provides high-quality support and comfort leading to undisturbed and optimal sleep. THOMSEN, and by extension Dormio, has the exclusive rights to use Vita Talalay in India. With the utmost confidence in the quality of the products, they are providing 100 days free trial. If someone is not satisfied with the offering, then they can return the product, hassle free with a 100% money back guarantee.

The Ortho Pillows are made using unique 'Vario' System so that one can adjust the height of his/her pillow as per their needs. The Dormio Normo pillows ensure that the neck and shoulders are relaxed and the cervical spine is kept straight even while sleeping sideways.

Dormio Tinnitus pillows have speakers inside that connect to tinnitus relaxers or personal music devices that are useful as they let one listen to music in bed without disturbing their partner. Tinnitus is the perception of sound (a kind of ringing, buzzing, humming, whistling or clicking sound) within the human ear when no actual sound is present.

According to research reports several domestic factors like increased income level, infrastructural development (increasing number of residential units and increasing number of hotels) help in stimulating the growth of the Indian mattress industry. Usually, in the current times, the market is dominated by a substantial number of unorganised players like the street side shops. However, the market research predicts a slow decrease in the number of these unorganised players. With time Indians have become both health and brand conscious and as a result, their inclination towards international brands is visible enough. High quality and contemporary products are dominating the market. Online portals can be a strong medium for retail sales of mattresses apart from dealers/distributors or own franchised stores.

Nakul Gupta, Director, Dormio India, says, "Dormio products are made using Vita Talalay Latex, which is the most technically advanced foam to be introduced in the Indian market. It is world's most breathable comfort foam with temperature and moisture regulating properties. We have put special thought and care into designing our products that promise ultimate comfort at an easily affordable price unlike any other existing competitor in the market."

Speaking about the wide product range Anil Gupta, Chairman, THOMSEN Europe GmbH, said, "In 2008, we acquired the well-known mattresses and pillows maker German brand THOMSEN and in 2015 we introduced it in India. We value the needs of each individual customer, considering each one has a distinct preference. The target demographic primarily is urban professionals who value their health and are also price conscious."

Discussing how the Dormio range is essential for any woman, Praveen Gupta, Managing Director, THOMSEN Europe GmbH, says, "Today's woman is single handedly managing both her personal and professional life. And thus, after a hectic day, all that she requires is a peaceful sleep. Considering the multitasking nature of any woman Dormio mattress and pillows are exactly what she needs to be ready for the next day."

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