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Bharat Maa Shaheed Samman Trust organized “Bharat Maa Gaurav Sandhya” a musical program of patriotic songs, to felicitate families of our great Freedom Fighters, in the remembrance of their supreme sacrifice. The event was held at 9, Dalmia House, Tees January Lane on 17th March 2017. At the event, Mr. Sanjay Dalmia honored the families of our great freedom fighters, who were invited from various parts of India.
Bharat Maa Shaheed Samman Trust has been organizing “Bharat Maa Gaurav Sandhya” a musical program of patriotic songs, in various parts of India, as an accolade to the memory of Freedom Fighters and to instill a sense of pride and gratification among the young of the society.  
Commenting on the event, Mr Sanjay Dalmia, Chairman Dalmia Group of Companies said, “As a responsible citizen of India, it is our duty to give back to the nation in whatever small tokens we can. It is my endeavor to lead the conversation on highlighting the supreme sacrifices which fueled our freedom struggle and Bharat Maa Gaurav Sandhya is a vital cog in this movement. Furthermore, there is a dire need in today’s fast paced society/culture to engage with the youth and encourage them to be proud of the rich history of our great nation. This felicitation event is a small step by the Dalmia Group to instill patriotism and pride in each and every Indian citizen.”
Sharing his thoughts Mr. Amit Azad (Great nephew of Shaheed CS Azaad) said, “We encourage such events where freedom fighters of the country are remembered and recognized. For our nation to emerge as a super power we need to revive the spirit of patriotism in the country. Passion for the betterment of the country should be in the heart of each and every individual.”
Names of family members of Martyrs, who were facilitated: 
  1. Mr.  Amit Azad                                   Great Nephew of Shaheed C S Azad
  2. Mr.  Anuj Thapar                                 Grandson of Shaheed Sukhdev
  3. Mr. Subhash Tope                               Great Grandson of Shaheed Tatiya Tope
  4. Mr. Vijay Sisodia                                  17th generation of Maharana Pratap
  5. Mr Satyasheel Raj guru                       Grandson of Shaheed Raj Guru
  6. Shri Arun Jhansiwale                          Great Grandson of Rani Laxmi Bhai of Jhansi
  7. Shri Raghu Nath Pandey                     5th generation of Shaheed Mangal Pandey
  8. Shri Kiranjeet Singh                            Nephew of Shaheed Bhagat Singh
  9. Shri Aseem Rathore                            Grandson of Shaheed Mahavir of Bhagat Singh Brigade
  10. Shri Ashfaq Ullah Khan                       Grandson of Shaheed Ashfaq Ullah Khan
  11. Shri Raj Bahadur Singh Tomar            Family member of Shaheed Ram Prasad Bismil
Mr Sanjay Dalmia, is a noted Industrialist and former Member of Parliament, known for his philanthropic activities. He co-founded the “Bharat Maa Shaheed Samman Trust”, with the sole focus of expressing gratitude and applauding the freedom fighters who came together to brawl against the colonial powers and win freedom for our Mother nation at the cost of surrendering their very life. The trust is also extends financial support to the dependents of the Martyrs for Education and livelihood.  

Source: Bharat Maa Shaheed Samman Trust