MUMBAI, December 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

  • Announces the launch of 'Urja Ratna' award to those who bring together the world through Hindutva
  • Elaborated upon his mission to spread the importance of Ram Rajya which is effortlessly supported by the Jain community

'Energy-Guru Arihant Rishiji', a spiritual leader who established Urjaa World Foundation with an aim to restore world peace, preached its importance and 'rashtra neeti' at Yogi Sabhagruh, Dadar.

This event was graced with the presence of eminent dignitaries including, Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Member of Parliament, BJP as Chief Guest and Dr. Acharya Lokesh Muniji as the guest of honour.

With the holy blessings of Mahamana Jainacharya Shri Kushagranandiji, and under the guidance and mentorship of Arihant Rishiji, reverentially known as 'Energy Guru', a 'Ram Rajya' programme has been designed for the cause. It is based on ancient Indian principles of non-violence, democracy, swift justice, equality, ethical practices and morality, as observed under the rule of Lord Rama. The era was also known as the Golden Era as it was a utopia that saw people sleep peacefully with open doors in their homes, assured that no harm shall befall them. Spreading awareness about this rich Indian and Hindu culture, Rishiji aims to facilitate world peace and bring back the bliss experienced by people in this era.

It was also announced that a special award, 'Urja Ratna' will be presented to those individuals who effortlessly work towards uniting the world.

Energy-Guru Arihant Rishiji, said, "It is time that the youth get connected and involved in spreading awareness of Indian values (sanskars) in the world. The energy and capability of the youth has to channelise in the right direction so that our country benefits through the power of the youth."

He added, "A new society based on the foundation of love and tolerance has to be built. It is now necessary to build a society which is free from the differences of class, creed and religion, and is no longer bound by the interests of the political leaders. Indian governance during the rule of Rama has been at its best, with no politics in view and people welfare being the agenda. In order to achieve the utopia like that era and fulfil the goal of one world, one community, one religion, a revolution has to be initiated, then only complete equality would be possible."

The main purpose of this programme is to establish and achieve the dream of new India on the foundation of spirituality and science.

About 'Energy-Guru Arihant Rishiji' 

'Energy-Guru Arihant Rishiji' is a spiritual guru, whose life is like that of a Yogi, whose heart is like that of a poet, whose thoughts are divine, who is the ultimate in meditation, whose ideas are humanist, whose personality is like that of a unique mysterious religious leader.

The existence of 'Energy-Guru Arihant Rishiji' is dedicated to evoke spirituality in people and not religion. The mission of Energy Guru is to spread the effective and mysterious experience of Urjaa Yog and its benefits in the entire world.

In order to unite the entire world 'Energy-Guru Arihant Rishiji' established in the year 2015 'Urjaa World Foundation'. He has successfully implemented various programmes for the conservation of nature and has donated and himself planted thousands of saplings. In the year 2015, under the leadership and guidance of 'Energy-Guru Arihant Rishiji' a huge rally was organized from Azad Maidan, Mumbai to Gateway of India, Mumbai, with 1,000 students dressed as trees. This rally made its name in the 'Guinness Book of World Records' by breaking the previous record of Australia, the entire credit for this goes to 'Energy-Guru Arihant Rishiji'.

In the year 2017, 'Energy-Guru Arihant Rishiji' accomplished yet another Guinness World Record by making the formation of 'OM' through thousands of children.

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Source: Energy-Guru Arihant Rishiji